In São Paulo, more than 4.5 thousand deaths each year are caused by pollution. That is three times the number of traffic accident victims. The brief was clear: warn the population of the increasing levels of pollution and show that this pollution is generated by the seven million cars on the streets of São Paulo on a daily basis. In addition to a tight budget, we needed to solve another issue: turning this nearly invisible issue into a visible one. The strategy was to seek an inexpensive and simple solution that would impact the greatest number of people on the street and generate interest in the cause. The idea was to show that vehicle’s exhaust pipes can fill a party balloon with harmful gases in only 3 seconds. Therefore, a car sitting in traffic for one hour could fill up thousands of balloons. The gas-filled balloons were then handed out to people on the streets of São Paulo on the holiday celebrating the city’s anniversary. This simple demonstration attracted the attention of several media outlets and exceeded the expectations for response rate and desired results, impacting over 15 million people. It also drew attention to the increasing levels of pollution in the city and encouraged the use of alternative means of transportation

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