Technology was one of the great highlights of Banco Itaú’s campaign for the 2014 FIFA World Cup™. Created by Africa and TUDO agencies, from the ABC Group, and developed by Primo Comunicação, the ball captured the heartbeats of thousands of fans from different cities all over the country and took them to the Brazilian national soccer team. In order to have their heartbeats “donated” to the Brazilian national team, people placed both hands on a device that could capture their pulse by means of two optical sensors. Then, the beats were converted into heart rate and reproduced according to their intensity through a speaker installed in its interior. The technology took more than two months to be developed – involving a cell phone with a special app connected to a controller board, a sound amplifier, two batteries, and a speaker (see image). In the end, the sound of 30,000 hearts became the soundtrack of the main commercial bank for the tournament.

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