Agência TUDO prepared four special actions to activate Itaú’s master sponsorship of the Rock in Rio 2013 festival. The main goals of the initiative were to generate brand visibility and social media buzz, as well as engage the crowd of festivalgoers – a crowd of more than 550 thousand people over seven days of the event, which took place between September 13 and 22, in Rio de Janeiro. Measuring 200 square meters, the booth recorded visitors’ biometric information and welcomed two special initiatives: ‘Visiorama’ and ‘Rock Star’. Outside the booth, panels displayed pictures from Instagram with the hashtag #itaurockinrio. ‘Visiorama’ featured a panoramic elevator that took participants for a three-minute ride high above the City of Rock – with a special picture taken and posted on each visitors’ Facebook account. The second action simulated a stage, where a group of three friends would form a band. A large panel displayed an image of a simulated audience, who interacted with the band through Kinect sensors. This experience was turned into a 20-second video, which could also be posted on the visitors’ social media accounts. Meanwhile, on Rock Street, we repeated an action that took place in the festival’s previous edition: two Itaú stores offered the audience 540 lockers – 120 of which allowed visitors to charge their cell phones. Finally, and most strikingly, approximately 35 thousand flashing orange LED bracelets were distributed to the crowd, turning the City of Rock into a sea of orange

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