How to age 40 years in 30 seconds? 

The task was not easy: aging 40 years in 30 seconds. This took hours of patience and craftsmanship – signed by Mara Braga, an artist who perfected makeup, airbrush and prosthetics techniques in Los Angeles, with Hollywood professionals. In order to transform the advertiser Cleber Paradela, 33, into an elderly gentleman more than seven decades old, took more than five hours of work.

After making a model of Paradela’s head, the makeup was made with liquid latex and colored with a pigment soluble in isopropyl alcohol. The team paid great attention to the tiniest details, such as application and bald spot pigmentation. The action is part of a campaign by Paradela, who is a partner and planning director at Agência TUDO, for this year’s Caboré Award. The action jokes with the fact that the advertiser is the youngest planning professional nominated in the history of the award, the most relevant in Brazilian advertising.

Check out the result:
Creative Director: Rodolfo Barreto
Creation: Francisco Zuccato and Marcio Bittencourt
Artbuyer: Andrea Motta
RTV: Cicy Freitas and Jader Gudin
RTV Assistant: Camila Matos
Soundtrack: Wow! – Guizado & Vitrola – Thiago Guimarães
Image Editor/Editing: Jader Gudin
Scene Directors: Jader Gudin and Duda Covett
Production: Jader Gudin, Andrea Motta, and Camila Matos
Photographer: Duda Covett
Makeup: Mara Braga
Makeup Assistant: Mari Figueiredo

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